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Building together in unity around the power of answered prayer

This page celebrates our extraordinary partners and advocates. We recognise that within the  diverse theologies of Christian churches and organisations, there are differing views on a range of subjects; we choose to unite, however, around our common belief that Jesus is alive, He listens and He answers prayer today. We are privileged to be collaborating with these outstanding ministries, each one seeking to demonstrate the love of God to the world; and we encourage you to visit their websites, to discover more about them.

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Key Partners

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Quotes from our partners:

Monsignor Timothy Menezes, Dean of St Chad’s Cathedral, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham

- “I’m really keen for the Catholic community to engage with this wonderful project; to support it by simply giving answers to prayer they have known; and also supporting it financially. It’s going to be an amazing structure in the Midlands, in the heart of England, where we belong; and a Christian symbol of hope, for a country that needs it so much.”

Dr John Kirkby CBE, Founder of Christians Against Poverty

- "As Christians we all have stories of answered prayers, of times God has heard our cries for change, for healing, for provision, for peace. Yet we so often fail to share them and even over time allow ourselves to forget them entirely. These stories are powerful and need to be shared and remembered! I pray that this wall will bring hope to all who need it, that the God who has answered a million prayers can answer for them as well. That for generations it will stand as a testimony to the living God."

Tony Hodges, Founder of City Vision

- “Eternal Wall is one of the most inspirational concepts in our generation. Given appropriate support from the Body of Christ it will bless generations to come.”

Mark Dijkens, Regional Director of CBN Europe

- "We are incredibly proud of Richard and Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer team for running with God’s audacious vision to raise up a landmark of hope for this nation. Faith is the evidence of the things unseen, and it is through faith that this monument of God’s goodness will be built. As Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, so will Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer help to rebuild the ruins of our Christian heritage for the glory of God! It is our privilege to stand side by side with Richard and his team to see this nation changed!"

Carl Brettle, Founder & CEO of 100M

"It is rare to come across a project which will capture the imagination of the whole Nation. Seeing a monument to Answered Prayer will be an inspiration to millions as they believe for their own miracle. This project will raise faith, turn heads, and challenge us all to recognise the faithfulness of God in our lifetime."

Ian Nicholson, 24-7 Ambassador to 24-7 Prayer

- "The history of these islands, and our impact on the world, have been shaped by praying communities over millennia. The idea of a lasting, symbolic celebration of the power of Christian prayer coupled with a living, permanent prayer community is fantastic - its time has come."

David Hart, Development Coordinator at TryPraying

- "Eternal Wall will be an amazing witness to the fact that He can be completely trusted and that the cries of our nation can bring about change that see’s God’s rule and reign across the length and breadth of the UK. We are privileged to be a partner in this venture."

Richard Ward, Director of Raw Brothers

-"Eternal Wall is relevant now more than ever, providing an inspiring beacon of hope and an amazing home of so many stories encouraging us that we are not alone but part of something bigger connected as humanity to our planet and its creator."

Steve Botham, Director of World Prayer Centre

- "World Prayer Centre are delighted to partner with Eternal Wall. Our passion is to mobilise and inspire prayer and what could be a better tool for that than a million stories of answered prayer. Prayer is shaped by our relationship with Jesus – we believe Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will open up many people’s eyes to our compassionate, forgiving, merciful Jesus in exciting new ways."

Andy Geers, Creator of PrayerMate

- "Prayer is powerful because the God we pray to loves to *answer* those prayers. We love the vision behind Eternal Wall of celebrating the ways God has answered so many prayers in the past in order to build our trust in him for the future."

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