Healed of crippling migraines

22nd Oct 2019

Answered Prayer #12991

When I was 10, I developed a headache which I thought was normal; little did I know it was going to change my life. I had tablets to reduce the pain, went to the hospital for check up but none of these worked but rather, kept getting worse on a daily basis. The doctors had tried to examine me but nothing was changing. I kept on skipping classes due to my condition but surprisingly God always granted me good grades for the next level. I always spent time in the Lord's presence. 3 years down the road, I was in church alone, seeking God about my health situation coz I was really tired of the pain. My prayer was that God would heal me or take me to be with Him rather than suffering and one day God spoke to me vividly. It was a vision and the Lord clearly told me that He had healed me. But even after then, I kept on worsening until I was taken to a more advanced hospital dealing with headaches and I was informed at 15 that I had migraines. The doctors told me I would never be cured and so I had to keep on medication for the rest of my life. That was hard to believe coz I know God had spoken to me two years ago and the doctors were telling me something different. Time came and I gave up on the medication coz I wasn't getting any better. I decided to trust God's word and to wait for His right timing to fulfill His word. It's now 8 years since I left medication, the migraine headache is no more, and I am even done with school. I can't explain how the migraine was cured but all I know is that it's no more and God healed me. Am grateful this situation helped me to draw closer to God and to understand His power... God speaks and at times He doesn't fulfill immediately but our role as believers is to learn to trust and wait on Him, knowing that no matter how long it takes, His word will surely come to pass.

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