The train waited for us against all odds

31st Oct 2019

Historical Answered Prayer #300,011

While travelling with my aged father and two small girls. We started on Thursday morning, expecting to have ample time to get through to our next train before Saturday night; but the next day, I think there was a smash-up on a freight train which hindered our train about two hours. I began to feel anxious, as I knew our limited means would not permit us to stop long on the way. After the cars had started again I inquired of the conductor what time we should get there, fearing we should not reach there in time for the down train. He said it would be impossible to gain the time. I found that, though they had put on all the steam they dared to, they were almost an hour behind time, so I should have to stay over till Sunday night. He said: "If we were on some trains, we might hope they would wait, but on this, never! He is the most exact conductor you ever saw. He was never known to wait a second beyond the leaving time." I then inquired if we could stay at the depot. He said: "No, you would all freeze to death, for the fire is out till Sunday evening." Covering my eyes with my hand, and raising my heart to God, I said: "O God, if thou art my Father, and I am thy child, put it into the heart of the conductor to wait till we get there." Soon I became calm and fell asleep. When we reached the place, to the astonishment of us all, there stood the conductor, wanting to know the reason why he had to wait. In a few moments the conductor came to me with a face radiant with smiles, saying: "Madam, I waited a whole half hour for you; a thing I never did before since I was a conductor. I exclaimed: "Praise the Lord". Then he said: "At the very moment all were on board, and I was ready to start, such a feeling came over me as I had never had in my life before. I could not start. Something kept saying to me, 'you must wait, for there is something pending on that train you must wait for'. I waited, and here you are, all safe." Again my heart said "Praise the Lord."

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