Daughter made a quick recovery after bad accident

8th Nov 2019

Answered Prayer #13093

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In October 2006 our 20 year old daughter fell off a horse suffering a basal skull fracture. Her brain was very swollen with bruising to both her temporal lobes, with part protruding through her ear. Doctors didn’t think she would survive. At the gathering of the Maranatha Community that evening, all were asked to pray for Yvonne. Doctors present were asked to come forward and pray using their medical knowledge. There were seven of them, and one had a vision of angels around Yvonne's head repairing the injury; other people attending the gathering also had visions of angels. This Sunday was the Church feast of all angels! Yvonne was in a critical condition. A probe inserted into the space around her brain measured increasing pressure. She then contracted an infection with a high temperature which increased the pressure further. We were taken aside by the Intensive Care Consultant who informed us that Yvonne was on the highest doses of medication and surgery was not an option. What were we going to do? PRAY!! Three days after her accident, when her intracranial pressure had reached very dangerous levels, a special prayer meeting was arranged. People who were part of the Maranatha Community Network of Prayer in England, Uganda, America, Spain, Australia & Ireland were also praying intensively. That night the pressure suddenly reduced to normal and never increased again. Gradually Yvonne's sedation was reduced and she started to move. The first sign of her ‘awakening' was when she tightened her fingers around our hands and she mouthed the words ‘I love you’. WONDERFUL! We were then warned that she was likely to have residual disabilities, memory loss, special need aids etc. so we were experiencing nervousness, happiness, anxiousness, tiredness, sadness and crying buckets of tears. Miraculously, a few days later Yvonne was moving her limbs, breathing for herself and flatly refusing physiotherapy. She was fed by a tube inserted into her stomach. Prayers continued for her healing. Just 16 days after the accident, Yvonne was able to stand up and walk, swallow food, wash herself and communicate. Her first question was "When can I go home?" What an awesome God we have! She could not grasp why she was in hospital having no recollection of the accident. Yvonne was eventually discharged from hospital on 7th November - just over a month after the accident. She now lives a normal life (although she has some short term memory compromise and is on long term treatment to prevent fits). She plays netball, has a successful career, drives and is now a parent herself. God answered all the prayers during that month, for which we, as parents, will be eternally grateful. We have the proof – our only child – our living miracle!

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