Difficult family relationship healed

20th Nov 2019

Answered Prayer #20011

It seemed my two boys had been born to fight each other. As a caring mum my heart was broken over this, and their apparent hatred for each other. I called to God for help on many occasions. One day (when my boys were about 10 and 11) I had a vision from God in which I saw a lion and a lamb rolling playfully in a meadow. I asked "What does this mean?" He told me "This is a picture of your boys - one is like a lion and the other a lamb, but a day is coming when they will be friends and will enjoy the pleasure of each others company." I cried. And I believed with hope. About 8 years later this became a reality, and today (they are 25 and 26) they love each other dearly and, though their natures are still different, they have a strong and lasting companionship.

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