Grandson recovered from meningitis

13th Dec 2019

Answered Prayer #12867

Just before Christmas 2017 my baby Grandson was taken into hospital with symptoms of meningitis. The Doctors conducted numerous tests including a lumbar puncture. We were all besides ourselves with worry. My Son-in-Law stayed in hospital with my Grandson to allow my Daughter to have a break. I went home and went into my bedroom and started praying, asking God to send down his healing arms and cradle our precious Grandson. I remember as the prayer intensified I started talking in a language I had never heard of, I just felt an overwhelming presence of God with me. It was Christmas Eve and we gathered at my Daughter's house trying to make the most of things for my two other Grandchildren. I remember the phone ringing - it was my Son-In-Law saying that my Grandson had recovered enough to come home for Christmas - all praise to God! I will always cherish the moment when he came home, battered and bruised but cured.

'For this Child I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart' - 1 Samuel 1:27

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