Provision just in time for Christmas

13th Dec 2019

Answered Prayer #12244

Christmas-time 1989 and my husband had been on disability for 6 months and reduced pay. I did not earn an income as I was homeschooling our two children. There was not a penny extra that year for presents and I was torn between wanting my children to focus on the real meaning of Christmas while not wanting to tell them there would be no gifts. I poured out my heart for days to Jesus, telling Him I didn’t want to sound selfish by making it about gifts but I was struggling. Later in the week our monthly bank statement came and I sat down to balance the check book (in those days we didn’t have the convenience of looking it up online!). When I finished there was an extra $200. I went through the entire thing again and still came out with the extra funds. When my husband’s disability check came I took it to the bank and asked then to give me an updated balance with any outstanding checks etc... I got home and went through all the numbers again. Still with $200 extra. I called the bank and asked them about it and was told that if they had to do my statement for me it would be a $25 fee. I told them I was trying to be honest and not keep money that wasn’t ours if they had somehow made an incorrect credit to our account. The woman kept repeating herself and suggested that I either agree to pay them the $25 or keep the $200! I was so amazed that Jesus, for His own celebration, heard the cry of a mother for her children. We went to the craft store and grocery store and bought supplies to make homemade gifts and crafts which the created lasting memories for years to come!

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