Inspiration for my newest novel

10th Jan 2020

Answered Prayer #13275

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When writing one of my novels I was stuck and I needed help to bring my characters together. I asked the Lord several times as the weeks went by, but believed He’d ‘download it’ in His good time. The answer came in that semi-conscious state of waking. As the plot unfolded, I realised the previous chapters and last book had paved the way for the solution. Weeks later I was stuck again and I came downstairs when a friend who lives with us asked, “How’s the book going?” I groaned, “I think I need a fireman.” Her response was immediate: “I emailed a fireman friend yesterday.” I added, “Yes, but in these days they probably do things differently to firemen in 1972 (the setting of my novel).” She grinned, “He was a fireman in 1972.” Within days he gave me the information I needed.

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