Peace during pandemic

18th Mar 2020

Answered Prayer #13478

In 2009 my eldest son was seven years old. One day he came home from school a bit subdued but not enough for us to be too concerned... until bedtime. He wouldn't settle and was very upset - eventually telling us that a school friend had told him about a scary new illness called swine flu that had come to the UK and was going to kill lots of people. We tried to settle him several times, giving him soothing drinks and cuddles and reassuring him that God was looking after us, but every time we thought he had settled he would wake up crying again. After several trips to his room where everything I tried failed to reassure him, I finally prayed for him (feeling stupid for not having done so sooner). I commanded the fear to leave him and asked Jesus to connect with him at his level and give him the peace he so badly needed. He didn't wake up again until morning, when I asked if he was feeling better. He told me that after we prayed he went to sleep and dreamed of a huge angel with a shield over our whole house, so he wasn't scared any more! He never mentioned swine flu again, and sleep was restored to our house! Thank you Jesus for ministering to my little one's heart and giving peace.

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