Our wedding avoided lockdown

2nd Apr 2020

Answered Prayer #13721

At the time of planning we didn't realise our wedding date on Saturday 18th April 2020 would be at the height of the Corona virus here in the UK. On Monday 16th my fiance and I had a chat and we prayed, "Lord what should we do - wait til after this pandemic is over or get married now this week?" We both felt a nudge in our hearts / spirits to get married asap. We spoke with our vicar at St Mary's Eaton Socon who said he was talking about us with his office team that very moment and wondering what to do. I asked if we could get married this Friday 20th and he said yes we'll do anything we can to make this happen. So the church was booked for 2pm. On Wednesday Alistair, my fiance, picked up the Banns that had just been read for the third time on Sunday 15th, (we discovered that if our banns had not been read 3 times we would not have been able to have been married in our church). Our wedding rings arrived on Thursday 19th via post - talk about timing! My mum, as a surprise for me, had called a friend from church who runs a florist to ask if she could do a bouquet for my wedding day. She said no problem and even delivered the flowers including 4 button holes to mum's house at one of her busiest time of the year - Mothering Sunday! I thought I'd just be buying a bunch from Tesocs! So that was a beautiful surprise. My actual wedding dress had still not arrived, BUT The Lord had me buy a £40 wedding dress from Oxfam in 2012, in faith that one day, in His timing I would be married. So out it came! I just LOVE that I got to wear that prophetic wedding dress on my actual wedding day. It was the wedding I'd always wanted intimate, holy, no pressure - it was perfect. As we left to go on a mini moon for 2 nights, a rainbow appeared in the sky and we just felt and sensed the Love of our Heavenly Father telling us that He always keeps his promises and of His love for us. Looking back we are so thankful that we prayed and listened to the Lord's nudge as on Monday 23rd we were told by Boris Johnson PM it's UK shut down and no weddings were allowed! God is so good and kind to us. Now Ali and I are able to live together during this unprecedented time. Amen.

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