Miraculous recovery from mining accident

19th Aug 2020

Answered Prayer #13890

In the autumn of 1974 my father had a very serious accident while inspecting a dynamited coal face which collapsed on him in a drift coal mine in South Wales. His spine was severely damaged causing him to immediately lose all feeling to his lower body. He was eventually freed and carried by fellow miners to the surface. He was taken by ambulance to three different hospitals the same day; Llanelli for assessment, Morriston for full body scan and then with police escort to Cardiff Royal Infirmary. 
He was operated on for over eight hours by a specialist orthopedic surgeon, where steel plates were inserted to hold the spine together.

I visited the hospital with my mother where we were told the seriousness of my father’s condition. We were asked if we had sent for the priest because they were not sure he would survive. In any case we were told he would never walk again and modifications would be needed to the home if he lived.
Feeling returned to his toes within a month and to his legs over three months while in a Cardiff rehabilitation hospital for spinal cord injuries, resulting in him learning to walk again and leaving that place with only a walking stick. While an in patient he was able to support and encourage many in a similar condition.

The night before the accident I met with a group of young people from a church in Coventry who prayed for me. That night I was filled with the Holy Spirit and was given the gift of speaking in another language. I prayed most of the following day in this language with a pain in my side and I knew something was wrong. This was the day of my father’s accident, on which my mother told what me had happened after 6pm that evening. I told my mother to hold on in her distress and that I believed God would perform a miracle. I rallied prayer support from friends in several churches across the city of Coventry who prayed as individuals and in their church prayer meetings.

At the hospital I was also emboldened to tell the nurse in charge, in response to the bleak news she shared, that we would see a different outcome to what they feared.

Indeed God was faithful during his period of rehabilitation though it was never easy. In the coming weeks many opportunities arose for me to share the Good News and testify to the Lord’s goodness.

At one time the specialist, also a professor, invited orthopedic surgeons across the UK to come and see a man he had operated on who was in his own words a 95% success.

My father lived until he was 91 and was playing football with my children at the age of 70.
I give the glory, thanks and praise to God for what he has done for me and my family.

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