With a bold story came a chance to sing on The Voice

3rd Sep 2020

Answered prayer #14424

In 2019, I made it on a US show called 'The Voice,' but what prepared me for that moment makes me still sit in awe. By the fall of 2018, I'd already made it through a couple of callbacks, to the point it was starting to become real. But, for those of you that don't watch reality TV, it is crucial that you have a 'story.' You somehow have to be relatable to the audience so they can connect to you. Well, this little gawky teenager was so far from being vulnerable enough to tell my story, you couldn't have paid me a million bucks.

However, I knew deep down my spot would quickly be filled if I didn't meet this criteria. Incessantly, I prayed that the Lord would continue to open this door if He wanted me to walk through it and if so, to please rid me of the crippling fear I was battling. So, I continued life as usual, and one weekend I ended up having to sing at an event at my church where author, Nicole Unice, was speaking. I was a big fan of her work and after the event, scrambled up to get her to sign my book. Before I could even say a word, she looked at me and said 'The Lord has got big plans for you girl!" And then, she wrote down a verse in my book for me to look up later.

That night, after having another worrisome chat with my mom about my future I realized I'd forgotten to look up the verse and opened my Bible. I sat there in amazement as tears filled my eyes and read, "Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story..." - Psalm 107:2.

After that beautiful, amazing sign the Lord so graciously gave me, it gave me enough courage to tell my story and eventually experience one of the coolest moments of my life. To this day, I continue to reflect on this moment when I get a little doubtful about where I'm headed. He has and will always have me and my story.

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