God healed our baby's heart

15th Sep 2020

In 2007, God healed our baby’s heart. She was diagnosed in the womb with hypoplastic left heart (half a heart as the left side had not developed). The prognosis was that either her heart would be too small to operate on and she would die within hours of birth; or she could be operated on after birth, at 9 months old and at 3 years old, but would have limited life expectancy (approx 12 years at best) with many medical complications.


Amidst the many words, the diagrams drawn and the numbness setting in, the main thing I remember the doctor saying was that where hearts are concerned, they can close holes and widen arteries, but they can’t make ventricles grow. My mind was saying that that may be true, but surely God who knitted her together in my womb, surely God who invented hearts in the first place, surely God can cause ventricles to grow? He was our only hope. We knew he could, but we didn’t know for sure whether he would. We asked all our friends and church family to pray, and they asked their friends and church families to pray, and we were contacted by people across the country and the world to assure us of their prayers. And we just waited, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. We knew that in God we could face anything and we weren’t worried at all about bringing up a child with additional needs. We just wanted the chance to keep her.


When she was born, the consultant was amazed that the heart had grown in the womb and was now big enough to ‘sustain life’ without intervention. At a check up several weeks later, another consultant was also amazed as the heart had continued to grow in our baby, and was now completely whole.

We are thankful every day for our miracle baby!


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