"I'm thriving because God knew my heart"

29th Sep 2020

I was in a job that I didn't particularly enjoy and was finding it hard to find ways to bring the Kingdom of God into my work. I knew I wasn't thriving. This started to impact my home life, resulting a sense of foreboding the night before I was back to work.

My husband and I prayed, and we asked others to do this as well, asking for wisdom and guidance. God answered our prayers and spoke clearly to my husband and I, independently of one another that I should re-train to be a social worker.

We quit our jobs, moved county, I did a Masters and now work as a social worker. God provided our every practical, emotional and spiritual need and I'm now in a job where I see God moving everyday. Where I know I'm meant to be and where I will see more and more of the kingdom breaking through. I'm thriving because God knew my heart and answered our prayers!


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