"I was not expecting... replacement hips before I was thirty"

2nd Oct 2020

"I was twenty five and had married six months earlier. I was not expecting the doctors to tell me that I would need replacement hips before I was thirty and to forget about any idea of ever having children. I was shattered but new that God could heal me but not sure if He would.

I went to a Christian holiday camp and spoke with a minister from Birmingham who I knew God used In healing before. He encouraged me to go to the healing meeting, held daily in the camp. I went and having travelled from the North East of England to the south coast for the conference, the preacher came from a church only ten miles from where I lived. He spoke about healing in a way I had never heard before. He said “in Jesus’s day people were healed, what makes you so special that you should not be healed?”

As a consequence, I went forward to be prayed for. I felt nothing as I received prayer and went and sat back down. Immediately someone behind me said “you have been healed”. I looked over my shoulder but no one was there. I believe it was the only time I have heard the audible voice of God in my life. I believed the word given but the next 24 hours experienced even more pain than before. But, I believed and told the devil that he might as well go away because he might give me symptoms but God had dealt with the cause. After that 24 hours, the pain went!

I went on to have two children who grew up to know the Lord for themselves and each now have children of their own. Praise the Lord? My same is Susan and I can assure anyone who wants to know, that I am now in my sixties and still have found God to be faithful though any situation that I have to go through."

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