God the original breakdown cover

14th Oct 2020

It was near midnight on a very dark winter’s night and my (not-yet Christian) husband was driving us home from a family event.  Suddenly, instead of going straight on which would have been the shortest way home, he turned right down a narrow country lane.  When I queried this he replied that he just felt it was the way we should go on this particular occasion.  At the next crossroads, instead of turning left as I had expected, he went straight on down an even more remote, narrow lane.  It was very dark and beginning to rain and I seriously wondered where he thought he was going at this time of night.
After about two or three miles we came across a car parked on the verge of the road.  My husband stopped our car, and much to my consternation got out and went to see if there was anyone in the other car.  Indeed there was.  Sitting there alone in the dark was the wife of one of our friends.  She was a nurse and had been on her way home after a late shift at the local hospital when the car had died on her.  She had managed to get it off the road but she was stuck.  This was in the days before mobile phones.  We transferred this lady and her bags from her car and drove her the seven or eight miles to her home where her husband was waiting for her.  

I asked her if she had been frightened finding herself stranded all alone in the dark on a very lonely narrow country lane.  She replied that no, she had not been at all worried.  She had prayed to her heavenly Father to send her someone to help and then passed the time singing a few hymns while she waited for rescue.  She had been there about ten minutes when we pulled up.  I realised it had been just about ten minutes since my husband had turned off the main road!


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