"I can't heal you, but I know Someone who can."

15th Oct 2020

Answered Prayer -15009

I was a member of the Team in 1995 who went out with David Hathaway to Siberia in the summer. We had been there for 5 weeks travelling round from place to place, praying to lead people to the Lord after David preached the Gospel and then he made a call for the sick to come forward for prayer. There were so many, we were tasked to pray for them to be healed in the Name of Jesus. I had seen the Lord do amazing things in those 5 weeks, mainly through others. But this evening in the Athletics Stadium in Novosibirsk, the capital city of Siberia, I was able to witness a wonderful healing that the Lord Jesus performed through me.

A lady was brought to me and through my interpreter, I found that she had something wrong with her lungs. She couldn't breathe properly. So I said, "I can't heal you, but I know Someone who can." "Do you believe that Jesus can heal you?" She said "Da", "Yes" in Russian. So I laid my hands on her chest and prayed a simple prayer asking the Lord Jesus to heal her lungs. As I looked at her face, she grimaced as though in pain but her lungs were visibly moving up and down as she seemed to be taking deep breaths. "Oh dear", I thought, "She seems to be getting worse!" Then she suddenly fell over backwards into a puddle left by the rain that had fallen earlier. Big Russian men helped her to her feet. Then she smiled a beaming smile, her face turned to Heaven, her arms flung up in the air and she ran away leaping up and down shouting something in Russian! My interpreter said, "She's saying, I've been healed! I've been healed!" I'm standing there open-mouthed.

I knew it was nothing to do with me. I didn't heal this woman. Jesus had healed her and I had the joy of knowing that he had used me as a vessel to do this. ALL GLORY BE TO HIS GLORIOUS MIGHTY NAME!

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