Our God, 'He is interested in the little things'

16th Oct 2020

Answered Prayer -15011

"The Lord knows our every need. Whilst at Bible College in London, I travelled everywhere on my Raleigh Royale push bike. One day, I noticed that the front wheel was buckled and it would need to be repaired. I only had £3 left over to spend once I'd paid for the train to Harrow. That was all the money in the world. I lived by faith. I got to the shop, praying that it would be enough. He took a look at it and said it would be £5. "Come back in an hour". I thought, "What do I do, Lord? I don't HAVE £5.

I only shared my need with the Lord. But I prayed like mad during that hour!!! I sat on the grass, casually parting the blades just to see if there were 2 £1 coins just happened to be there. I looked up to Heaven. Would they fall from the sky? How was God going to help me on this one? I walked back to the shop, the hour reached, with no extra £2 to add to my £3 to make the needed cost of £5. What was I going to tell him? Would I have to leave the wheel there in the shop? I approached the counter sheepishly. How was I going to explain I didn't have enough money? "Here it is", he said. "It wasn't as bad as I thought. That will only be £3!!!!"

I felt like I was walking on air when I left that shop. The Lord had supplied my need. I hadn't thought it would be in that way! God is good. He is interested in the little things of our lives as well as the big!"


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