"I believed He promised me a daughter.."

22nd Oct 2020

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In my early 30's I had some health issues that required several years of sick leave and medication. We had a son, but I was longing for another baby, a daughter, to complete the family. This was just not possible while I was taking medication and I could not cope without it.  I had set myself a limit: if I wasn't pregnant by my 35th birthday, I would give up on hoping for a baby.

One night, 4 months or so after by 34th birthday, I was particularly low. It was autumn. I had been off the strongest painkillers for a little while, and it felt like I had hit a crossroads. I was as well as I would ever be. I got in the car and drove. My mind was churning and tears threatened.  Eventually I pulled over into a lay-by on a road that overlooked a valley, though it was dark so I could see the view. 

I cried out to God and the tears fell. I was crying for my own situation. But I was also crying for three women in my life, including my own sister, who had had miscarriages recently. I was grieving for them and their unborn children.

Through those tears I came to realize that for me, a miscarriage would be worse than never conceiving again. I prayed to God, that as much as I wanted a baby, I would give up that desire if it was not His will, or if it meant enduring a miscarriage.
God answered me in that moment. I received several promises. There was no audible voice, but a deep conviction in my soul that this was God, My Heavenly Father speaking words of love and compassion to me.  

First, He promised me a child. I would indeed get pregnant before my self imposed deadline of age 35.
Second, that this pregnancy would reach term and be born. No miscarriage.
Third, I believed He promised me a daughter.

Over the next few months, things changed. My consultant told me to "Get on with completing the family".  I started to apply for jobs, and went to a few interviews. Just as I started working, I confirmed that I was pregnant. My birthday was only 10 weeks later.  At 8 weeks a bled a bit, but carried on working. At 12 weeks I bled again. This time, my GP told me to rest and wrote a sick note that stated I had suffered a 'threatened miscarriage'. Through all this, I knew such peace and calm, it could only have been from God.  I knew, deep in my soul, that this baby was safe. God's promises never return void. 
In the December, I gave birth to a daughter. She was 9lb 2oz at birth, bigger than her brother who was now 7 years old. She is 22 now. 
In that dark night of tears, God made me three promises , and all three came to pass, just as He said.


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