There is power when we join in the prayer of agreement with others

18th Nov 2020

Answered prayer - 15369

My husband and I had gone to see my sister in Northern California. We had a good journey out on an Airbus 380 and had been there for four days when my husband started having sudden heavy nose bleeds, he was getting one every day. We were going to Fort Bragg for a couple of nights, so on that Sunday we stopped on the way in Loleta where my sister used to live and went to her old church. My husband had a nosebleed in the service and had to go out. The pastor prayed for healing afterwards and then we set off through the beautiful forest, down to the spectacular coast and on to Fort Bragg. The next day we were about to go around some gardens there when again my husband had another sudden bleed. When it stopped he rested in the car while we went round the gardens. We had our mobiles so he could ring us and the lady in the shop was also aware of the situation, as she had helped us. The following day as we were going home my husband had a bleed in the forest when we stopped for lunch and then again when we reached home to my sister's.

This was getting too much and my sister started looking up Doctors that my husband could go and see. The trouble was we were due to travel over to Redding in Shasta County to stay with my sister's family in a couple of days, staying a week before going home to the UK from there. We had been praying for healing, but I suddenly thought our three daughters and their families are all believers, we should get them to join us in urgent prayer. We had been having difficulty with getting messages through but had now worked out the problem. So that evening we messaged them asking them to join us in urgent prayer for healing for my husband from these debilitating nose bleeds............. They stopped, the next day, no bleed and from then on we finished our holiday and went home with no sign of a bleed. Praise God! It was such a miracle! There is power when we join in the prayer of agreement with others. Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, our healer.........Praise You, Praise You.

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