Advent Door #23

30th Nov 2020

‘Every year since I joined my local food bank, I have run the Reverse Advent Calendar Campaign. A reverse advent calendar is a simple, yet very effective way of encouraging people to donate food to the local food bank. Everyday of advent, you put an item of food in a box, and donate it on the last day. For Advent 2019, I prayed that the campaign would be well received, and the food bank would be overflowing with donations. I prayed for abundance, and that God would touch people's hearts to donate and support their local community. Me and the Pastor worked together to get a poster designed, and I began advertising the campaign in November. Within a few minutes of me posting it on our social media sites, we had people commenting, stating that they were already starting it!

Over the next few weeks, people dropped into the food bank, having completed their calendars a bit early. Some people created packs for families, others brought expensive and luxurious Christmas chocolates for the clients. In early December, I was offered a new job, and so left the Food Bank for a few weeks. On Christmas Day, there was a service at the church where the food bank is. The pastor showed me his office - it was overflowing with huge Advent Calendars!!! There was no room in the food cupboards to store the food, and it took weeks to process everything! God is so good! He blessed the food bank with an abundance of food!’

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