Advent Door #16

30th Nov 2020


Door #16

‘Two sisters, one about five years of age, the other next older, were accustomed to go each Saturday morning, some distance from home, to get chips and shavings from a cooper shop. One morning, with basket well filled, they were returning home; when the elder one was taken suddenly sick with cramps or cholera. She was in great pain, and unable to proceed, much less bear the basket home. She sat down on the basket, and the younger one held her from falling. The street was a lonely one, occupied by workshops; everyone was busy working within; not a person was seen on the street. The little girls were at a loss what to do, too timid to go into any workshop, they sat a while. Soon the elder girl said: "You know, that a good while ago mother told us that if we ever get into trouble, we should pray, and God would help us. Now you help me to get down upon my knees, and hold me up, and we will pray."

There on the sidewalk, did these two children ask God to send someone to help them home. Presently, they saw, far down the street on the opposite side, a man come out from a factory. "He comes this way; he walks slowly, looking around on every side. Now he sees us and is coming quickly." A brawny German in a broken accent, ask: "O Children, what is the matter?" "O sir, sister here is so sick she cannot walk, and we cannot get home." The strong man gathered the sick child in his arms and carried her to the place pointed out by the younger girl. The astonished mother, with a mixture of surprise and joy, took charge of the precious burden, and the child was laid upon a bed. After thanking the man he said: "While I was working, I had a plain impression on my mind that someone in the street wished to see me. A voice seemed to say: "Why don't you go out as I tell you? There is need of your help" "I cannot understand it madam". As the noble German was leaving the house, the younger girl had the courage to say: "O mother, we prayed".’

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