Son healed through younger brother's prayers

10th Mar 2021

Answered Prayer #15599

My 3 year old son fell off a treehouse on a day out in September 2020 and fractured his elbow. It was x-rayed twice at A&E and put into a temporary cast until our appointment with the orthopaedic specialist at the fracture clinic the following week, where a permanent cast would be applied. 

As a family, we prayed for our son's elbow and our 7 year old son in particular prayed every day that Jesus would heal his brother's injury.

On the day of the appointment, the temporary cast was taken off and my son's elbow was x-rayed again, several times from numerous angles because it appeared like the fracture had completely disappeared. The specialist said there was no need to put a permanent cast on and that his elbow was fine and no fracture could be seen.

Our 7 year-old son is convinced that God heard his prayer and healed his brother and regularly recalls this story as evidence that our God is indeed a healer!

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