'Myasthenia Gravis is incurable. However, the medical profession has not told God.'

26th Mar 2021

Answered Prayer #15643

Embarrassing Miracle

One Sunday afternoon in 2013, I started a headache just above my eye and my eye nearly closed (ptosis).  I feared a stroke and went to A & E at my, not so near, hospital.  I left after being reassured that there was no evidence of a stroke but I was advised to see my optician as soon as possible.

I knew that my eye test was overdue, so  rang up and amazingly booked an appointment for the following day.  The optician I saw also worked in a hospital.  She advised, if I could, to go straight to Moorfields Hospital without delay.  (Moorfields is arguably one of the world's top eye hospitals)

Within minutes of arrival, I was being seen.  Soon a specialist arrived.  Doctors kept appearing.  One doctor who'd finished her shift, stayed behind.  I was being used as a specimen whilst the doctors discussed what was the best course of action.  Blood was taken for analysis.

Two weeks later I saw a consultant.  Other conditions were ruled out but the blood test showed anti-ACh receptor antibodies.  Myasthenia Gravis was indicated.  Myasthenia Gravis is incurable.  However, the medical profession has not told God.  Everybody who has Myasthenia Gravis has the Ach antibodies.  However, not everybody with ACh antibodies has Myasthenia Gravis!  You might like to read that again!

I was prescribed mestinon, with the instruction to increase the dose daily until my eyelid returned to normal.  From then onwards I was to self medicate,  adjusting the dosage according to the ptosis.

An appointment was made for me to spend a day at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. There I was given the test to prove whether I really had  MG.  It involved putting needle electrodes around my eyes.  Electrical pulses were sent and measured.  Myasthenia Gravis was confirmed.

Very, very gradually I was reducing my medication.   Oh I forgot to mention that I was being prayed for by my wife and church home group.  I was back to normal.  All symptoms had gone.  When I next saw the consultant about a year later, I asked, in what I thought was a jokey manner whether I was the first person in the world to be cured of MG or whether the diagnosis was incorrect.  The wonderful man said the electrical repetitive test proved that I had MG.  He granted that that I was in remission.  I was told that I could return to Moorfields immediately should it ever be necessary.

I have not been back.  So there I was, quite happy that I was in remission.

But God wasn't finished yet!

Early 2019, I had daily headaches behind one eye which were totally unconnected to MG.  I was given an appointment at The Neurophysiology Clinic of Cambridge University hospital.  The test I was given was the same electrical test that had confirmed MG.  Other tests using CT showed normal returns.

The discharge letter was mind blowing.  (Remember that  I was happy to be in remission.)  The letter stated that the electrical tests “did not show any evidence of active myasthenia”.  I had not asked about MG, so why did the letter even mention it?

I asked my doctor to query the two results.  People with MG find that they can only receive extortionate travel insurance.  My GP wrote a carefully worded letter to my initial MG consultant.  He replied that although I have MG, it can be assumed there is no chance of it re -occurring and that, for the purposes of travel insurance etc, I should not be considered to be suffering from myasthenia.

Why did I choose embarrassing miracles as the heading?  Try telling non Christians that God cured me from an incurable condition.

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