Broken nose miraculously healed

31st Mar 2021

Answered Prayer #15674

In October 2006, my son was involved in a road traffic accident and the facial injuries he sustained meant that he had to have ongoing treatment for several years under a maxillofacial consultant at King’s College hospital, London. 

In August 2008, we were on holiday and my son was having a sailing lesson, when the boom from the boat swung and hit him across the face. The A&E department at the local hospital said it could not determine whether his nose was broken because of the swelling and recommended we see a Doctor when we returned home. 

After returning home, my son had to attend another appointment at King’s College hospital in relation to his facial injuries sustained in the traffic accident. There, the consultant confirmed his nose was broken and that my son would need surgery to correct it. We were so disappointed by this news.

A few weeks later my son went away with our Church youth group to a Christian youth event. He had his birthday when away, and on his birthday, I asked God to heal his nose. As I prayed at home, I was filled with a sense of real, laugh out loud, joy and faith that God was going to do this for him.  My son did not know I had prayed this but when he rang that evening, he said he had decided to ask his friends to pray for his nose that day and has they did, his face started to twitch, and he experienced a similar sense of joy and faith. We were excited by what had happened and agreed to wait to see the hospital consultant to get confirmation that his nose had been healed.

Shortly after returning home he attended an appointment with the maxillofacial consultant. We waited for the consultant in the examination room along with several student doctors. As soon as the consultant walked into the room, he looked at my son and said, ‘What have you done to your nose? It’s straight!’

We explained what had happened: that my son had been prayed for by his friends when at a Christian youth event. The consultant said that a psychosomatic response could account for the facial twitching-but not for the nose being straightening. He said things happen that cannot be explained and then described a pilgrimage he had once made to a Christian holy place and how this had been spiritually significant for him.

We were able to tell him and the medical students in the room that Jesus had healed my son’s broken nose and that they were witnesses to a miracle!

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