'There was something in the air that night...'

14th Apr 2021

Answered Prayer #15697

I was 30 years old and had just gone through a horrible relationship break up and had lost all direction and confidence in my life. I was at rock bottom.  I had abandoned God as a teenager and hadn’t felt the need to pray or cry out his name for a long time but one late summer evening during that awful period I lay in some long grass in the local park watching a totally beautiful sunset and for first time in years I prayed out loud to God with tears rolling down my face for healing and guidance.  There was something in the air that night that I still can’t fully describe or understand.  One month after that moment I met Eliza (name changed) who completely changed my life.  We got engaged after 9 months, married shortly afterwards and 10 years on we now have an amazing relationship with two children and all the happiness I could ever wish for.  I genuinely believe that God was totally present on that evening in the park and that my prayer was answered.  I think of that moment a lot and the atmosphere on that evening - I’ve never looked at a sunset in the same way since.

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