Elderly friend healed at my wedding

28th Apr 2021

Answered Prayer #15777

This is a story of two distinctive answered prayers on our wedding day.  

I was still dressed in white with confetti on my shoulders when I encountered our elderly guest.  We were milling around for photographs and greeting guests in the glorious Saturday sunshine after our wedding service at a Baptist Church in the south of England in Canterbury, Kent.  The sunshine and still blue sky was a gift from God and a major answer to prayer for that day.  We had experienced squally showers on the Friday at the wedding rehearsal  (and had rain on the Sunday after too!). Not only was dry sunny weather a blessing for guests, photographers and children playing outside our reception venue, but a massive help for us: we had planned to WALK from the Baptist Church after the service and light refreshments to the Anglican Church hall round the corner where the reception and more photo shots were planned. Plan A was to walk to the reception plan B, if it rained, would have been complicated! Thankfully Plan A was possible and the photo of us walking to the second venue got in the local paper; we were led, pied-piper style by a friend playing her saxophone followed by us, our bridesmaids and all the guests! We were also thankful for dry weather as we were driven away by another friend in an open topped car!

So the second God incident is what happened after I encountered Miss Cooper (name changed), our elderly friend, outside the Baptist church. This amazing lady had seen many remarkable answers to prayer during her lifetime and these led to her and her friend setting up a prayer and conference centre.  I was delighted she could come to the service, but surprised  she had a nasty growth on her forehead which I'd not seen before, about the size of a large walnut. Forgetting for a moment that it was my wedding day and that I was desperate for a cuppa and to chat to the other guests, I offered to pray for her there and then (knowing I wouldn't see her for a while). She was more than happy to receive prayer, and probably had more faith than I had for the outcome. I didn't hear what had happened till well after the honeymoon, but apparently this growth just shrivelled and dropped off shortly afterward.  I have a photo of me praying for her, but sadly not one of her afterwards, but I was assured by reliable people that this is what happened. Praise God!

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