Stranger's leg healed on the streets of Germany

5th May 2021

Answered Prayer #15793

I was walking through a city in Germany with a friend and we met a man with a bloodied leg and a crutch sitting on a bench. We asked him if he would like prayer and he said yes. He'd been to all the local clinics and had unbearable pain which prevented him from walking. We commanded the pain to leave his leg in the name of Jesus, and asked for the Lord's blessing on him. We then asked him how he was faring. He said he could feel warmth all around the area of the wound. So we continued to pray. The second time we asked, he said all the pain had gone, and was utterly amazed. He stood up and began to jump up and down. He told us too that he had known God before and knew now that he needed to repent and come back to Him. Afterwards we walked a bit with him and when we finally parted ways and he'd gone 50 or so yards in the other direction, he turned round and threw his hands up in the air and praised God loudly in the street.

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