Amazing guidance into a great new home

12th May 2021

Answered Prayer #15801

We were looking for a house to rent in London for our family of 6. We prayed for a house with particular features, and believed that God would lead us to such a house, but for a few weeks we could not find anything suitable and our landlord graciously extended our moving deadline to the New Year. We spent Christmas on holiday with family in Norfolk, where we went to a lively church that encouraged both adults and children to wait on God for prophetic insight for the year ahead. Our 9 year-old daughter received 2 pictures from God: a stop sign and a vase with purple tulips. We felt that this was somehow connected to our house hunt, but couldn't quite make out any further meaning.

Soon after that my husband went to view a property, which seemed to have enough space for our growing family, but when he arrived early, the tenants warned him not to rent from this landlord, because he wasn't looking after his property well and was only interested in the money. We felt that was the fulfilment of the first picture our daughter had been given: the stop sign - don't go there!

Soon afterwards we found the perfect house to rent, and God provided all the money needed for us to move in - including the deposit on the very day of the move. When we entered the new house we discovered that the landlady had placed a vase of purple tulips on the kitchen table - we knew we were in the right house, praise God!!!

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