Strong, healthy, and cancer free

26th May 2021

Answered Prayer #25089

I have a dear friend, Ellen (name changed). The Lord put us together, to walk alongside each other, physically, but as we walked we shared, spiritually, emotionally, good times and bad.

One day, Ellen received shocking news. She had a 'sinister growth' in her bowel. This was quickly confirmed as stage 4 bowel cancer, and classified terminal.

I and many began to intercede for her. A group of faith filled women prayed together for her. The whole church family prayed.

But next, she was told that it had already spread widely in her liver. Ellen was very sick indeed.
She was strong and tenacious, but understandably terrified.

Ellen had 3/4s of her bowel removed.

She was too ill afterwards to see anyone but her partner Jacob (name changed), but I felt The Lord's peace as I prayed for her.

During that time my husband got a shaft of metal in his eye and we had to rush into casualty. I texted Ellen to say that I was there and praying.
Unexpectedly they replied....’just you, come'.

I walked through the hospital corridors not knowing what I would find, knowing that I had NOTHING in my own strength, no power to help, no idea what to say or do.
I prayed out loud as I walked, arms lifted heavenward, "Lord, fill me with your spirit, your power, your wisdom for whatever I find. Enable me Lord."
When I got there I was utterly shocked by how shrunken and frail she looked. She was like a tiny dying bird. Instantly I saw that she had given up and was ready to die.

I asked if I could touch her which I knew she would find very difficult. I saw Ellen wrestle inwardly, but after a pause she put out her hand. I put my hand on hers, closed my eyes and started to pray silently, wordless prayers in the power of the Spirit. Jacob put his hand over mine and joined in prayer. Ellen was crying as we prayed.

I didn't stay long afterwards, but I knew God's power had been awesomely present and that something had happened.

Next morning, Jacob went in to see her...and was astonished. Ellen was showered, hair washed, standing on the other side of the ward talking to another patient, and saying she was ready to come home!
Her consultant too was astounded that morning- WHAT had happened over night?!

It was the turning point. The moment the Lord said "NO, it is not your time, you will live." Something had profoundly changed.

Ellen went home.
She had chemo, during which her tumours grew, but even so she became strong enough that another team could embark on 2 huge and pioneering operations on her cancer ridden liver.

Now 3 years on, Ellen is strong, healthy and cancer free.

Her surgeon calls her recovery miraculous.

Ellen lives her life gratefully and fully, keenly aware of blessings in each day...and as we continue to walk together, God's healing work goes on, in both our lives.

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