Survived cancer to meet grandchildren

16th Jun 2021

Answered Prayer #15858

My Mum died of breast cancer when I was 15 and she never saw her grandchildren which always saddened me. But, I had a prophecy from God when I was in my late 30's that I would see my grandchildren and I have held onto it ever since.
When I was diagnosed 16 years ago with breast cancer I had 3 teenage children. I was approximately the same age my Mum was when she died and it shook me to the core. My prayer was that I would be well for my family and see my grandchildren. God's peace was with me through that time and I grew closer to him. His promise "I will never leave you of forsake you," stayed with me.
Six years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer again, this time far more treatment was involved. My husband and I had recently moved and I only had a small support network. But, God was with me again each step of the way, I held onto his promises and spent a lot of time sitting, praying and listening to worship songs to fill my soul with his love.
I can now say I am fit and well, I have 3 grandsons and God has used my experience to help others in the local church we are now joined to. I continue to hold onto his promises but know he is with me whatever comes my way.

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