Angelic protection during hazardous situation

23rd Jun 2021

Answered Prayer #15895

2001: I was working in a residential setting for young people with challenging behaviour. It was quite common for these young people to be aggressive and for this reason all staff wore protective equipment and an emergency alarm in order to summon assistance quickly if needed. One evening I found myself accidentally locked in a corridor in an isolated part of the building, with a young man who was about to "kick off." I pressed my alarm and it didn't work. I was frightened as it would typically take 6 staff members to physically restrain this young person. He was known to aim his assaults at people's heads. I prayed silently but desperately. The first thing that happened was a member of staff happened to return to the corridor, on his way home, to collect an item he had forgotten earlier in the day. He had no alarm but stayed with me as we gently persuaded the young man to walk down the corridor in the direction of the seclusion room. I was praying the whole time, fearing we would both be badly injured and no one would know. At the door of seclusion the young man suddenly flew at me, going, as expected, for my head. In a flash, however, we were somehow able to manoeuvre him into the safe space and shut the door. We were both astounded that we had achieved this alone and were unhurt. The young man had grabbed my protective baseball cap in the scuffle and I observed him, through the toughened glass window, ripping it to shreds whilst my colleague went to get help. I quietly praised God for his intervention. However, it was the next day when my eyes were opened to the extent of the miracle. I was sitting with the same young man, who was now calm and engaging. Out of the blue he asked me, "Who were the statues?" I was puzzled, "Which statues?" I asked. He responded with some frustration , "You know! The statues! Last night! The ones standing all around you in the corridor!" It was then that I realised that I had never been alone; nor did my colleague and I handle the young man between the two of us. God had commanded his angels concerning me, just as he promised in Psalm 91. He kept me and my colleague from all harm, against all odds! Praise his name!

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