Troublesome class had good behaviour for a whole academic year

30th Jun 2021

Answered Prayer #15980

A Primary School in Scotland 190 days

A Teacher was prayed for as she had a troublesome class coming up in the next academic year.  We believed God could change their behaviour and the culture of the class.  She entered her classroom before the children arrived and prayed all around the classroom and over every desk.  

The school had a policy of writing the names of naughty children on a board and the Head Teacher would then punish all the children whose names were on the board.  The Teacher challenged the children to see if they could go through the whole morning without a name going on the board.  The children made it to lunch time without any names going on the board and so the Teacher said, “Do you think you could all make it to home time without any names going on the board?” No names went on the board!

The following day the Teacher asked the children if they thought they could make it to the end of the week.  The children made it to the end of the week with no names on the board.  All the staff were shocked as this had never been known to happen before with this particular class.  

On and on it went until the children made it to the first half term with no names on the board.  Wow! The behaviour of the children was completely changing in class and out in the school yard where they avoided getting into fights when they were normally causing them. The Teacher asked if the children thought they could make it to Christmas…” Yes Miss” they said.  She promised them a great Christmas party if they could get to Christmas without any names on the board.  The children really enjoyed their Christmas party, and the school enjoyed the new atmosphere.  

By the end of the academic year there had been no names on the board; that's a full year with no behavioural issues.  There had been a huge shift in the school which would normally have been vandalised many times during the year.  Instead of a party this time the Church raised the money to take the children away to a Christian summer camp where they all had an amazing time away together.  Lives and families changed forever such an amazing answer to prayer!

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