"I knew I had to forgive the perpetrator"

14th Jul 2021

Answered Prayer #16033

In 2004 my life was turned upside down when I received a phone call from a London hospital informing me that my son had suffered major head injuries from a violent crime.
I immediately prayed for his life and heard God saying "he will not die" He also revealed to me the miracle of the woman with the blood issue which told me that a miracle was going to take place.
He was unconscious for nine days, and in that time God gave me the gift of tongues. A few hundred people were praying, and I was given a real sense if joy knowing that God was in control. He lost all the faculties on the left side of his brain (loss of speech, sight, unable to eat, and memory loss). Within 6 weeks he was able to speak and the doctors were amazed.  God provided the very best medical treatment in amazing rehabilitation and I knew every prayer was being answered.
It was a long determined challenge he had to face, suffering times of depression and lost confidence.
[His] father died when [he] was 16 and I knew that only Jesus could heal the grief he suffered, and prayed for him for some 16 years.
He resigned from his job in the commercial world, and obtained a post with a Christian charity in which he travelled with volunteers as the coordinator to eight countries, and it was in Zambia that he gave his life to Jesus. Praise the Lord.
Within a week of the attack I knew I had to forgive the perpetrator (a young man of 20) who remarkably saved my son's life by going to the police - which showed me God revealed this man's conscience.
I then wrote to him and told him I forgave him,  but felt that he was a  very unloved young man, but that Jesus loved him beyond measure and suggested he spoke to the prison chaplain and ask for a Bible.
He replied three months later, saying that he was reading his bible
and felt Jesus had forgiven him.
I know, without any doubt, that Jesus revealed himself to him and his life has been changed, and given him  new hope and purpose for his life. Praise God.
In conclusion God has returned to my son all that the locusts had devoured, (almost his life, a  new Christian marriage, a new home, financially blessed, and two beautiful little boys.)  It' is a testimony of trajedy to triumph, in believing in things unseen and God's steadfast faithfulness. My son is truly a miracle,
renewed, restored and walking in his journey in faith.

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