"An angel in Yugoslav military clothing..."

28th Jul 2021

Answered Prayer #16080

A charity, Children's Overseas Relief Fund, was started by a couple, Eric and Mary (names changed), in the church I attended and the first consignment of aid went to Bulgaria in 1997. Two drivers drove the lorry from Bristol to Bulgaria with no problems. On the return journey they reached the Serbian border with the empty vehicle only to be advised not to travel overnight as a similar lorry had just disappeared on its way to the northern Serbian border. However, they had no choice but to travel at night. At the border there was a young man in a Yugoslav military uniform who was also going north and offered to go with them, both for his journey and their protection. Mary, back at home in Bristol, stayed up all night to keep in touch with the authorities and praying. Having reached the northern border safely they stopped at border control. The officer got out, thanked them and had a photograph taken with the two drivers. The drivers parked-up to do the necessary paperwork. When finished they could not see the officer in the empty border area. When the photo was printed there was only the two drivers on it. The only conclusion was that he was 'an angel in Yugoslav military clothing'. Thanks be to God.

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