Protected by an angel whilst in hospital

4th Aug 2021

Answered Prayer #16089

Angela (name changed), a fellow member of a prayer group for the persecuted church, was admitted to a Bristol hospital on Maundy Thursday for a major operation for bowel cancer. I took her into the hospital early in the morning and therefore she was in my prayers and in others in the prayer group. Not knowing what God had planned, the prayer was for her treatment, coming through the operation and her recovery. Overnight following the operation she was in great pain and trauma. A Filipino nurse attended, served and comforted her all night in her distress. When Angela had recovered sufficiently to be discharged she thanked all the staff for their care and welfare during that time in hospital. All, that is, apart from the Filipino nurse. Angela asked if she was on duty to thank her, particularly for that night's care and attention. The other nurses questioned this and asked for her description, then replying 'There is no one here since your time here matching your description.' Angela, who's now gone on to glory, concluded that she was her guardian angel in her time of great need.

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