Brother miraculously healed from brain aneurysm

18th Aug 2021

Answered Prayer #16124

Sometime in October 2006, we received a call in Nigeria that our brother who was on vacation in America had brain aneurysm and was on life support machine which was about to be turned off due to so many complications and there’s nothing much the hospital could do.
Of course on hearing this sad news we were all greatly disturbed,  shaken and afraid, but we said to the hospital that as long as he is still breathing we do not agree/ support them switching off the machine  for we believed that since “THERE’S  LIFE  THERE’S HOPE” And as a family we strongly believed then  that it’s only Jehovah God that is able to turn things around for good for him.
So , through God’s divine intervention, His mercy and grace joined with our faith through prayer, fasting and with the support of families and friends, we were strengthened through these testing and stormy times.
To God be All glory, honour and adoration - our brother made a miraculous recovery and is back home in Nigeria now - hale and hearty, Amen.

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