"Our Son was born, almost painlessly a healthy baby boy"

8th Sep 2021

Answered Prayer #16153

My wife Elouise (name changed) had been praying about her pregnancy and at that time she had sensed God say, 'it won't be as you want it but it will be miraculous'. This was our first baby, a baby boy, and he would be born in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.
On the due date Elouise went into labour early in the morning, we rang the birthing centre but they were on a shift change and encouraged us to wait at home for as long as possible. Twenty minutes later, Elouise had been sick, and I rang back but rather than going into the birthing centre we were directed to go straight to the hospital labour ward.
We arrived at 8.13 in the morning and we moved as carefully as we could to the hospital entrance where we were met by two large red signs instructing us not to pass this point without facemasks on. I pulled my mask out of my pocket and went to put it on, we then realised that Elouise didn't have a facemask. I put mine on her and took one look at her and realised she wasn't going to be able to go on through the hospital without me. I looked around desperately and then I looked up and prayed, 'Lord, help me, we need a mask'.
Just as I finished that desperate prayer I looked down and opened my eyes, right in front of me at my feet was an unused, unopened facemask. My heart leapt, I put it on, and continued to guide Elouise through the hospital. At 8.54  in the morning, in the labour ward, our Son was born, almost painlessly a healthy baby boy, faster than either of us could have imagined.
Pregnancy can be an anxious time, and we don't always know how things will turn out, but we do know the one who does, and He is able to go before us and prepare the way. So we don't have to be afraid!