"The neurosurgeon said that she would have died within 2 months..."

23rd Nov 2021

"The neurosurgeon said that she would have died within 2 months..."

My wife one night suddenly became seriously ill in November 2019, losing over 40 years of memory and becoming paralysed. Our family and our churches and other ministries responded immediately in prayer. The prognosis was for a long recovery - for any improvement to be over several months or even 1-2 years.

2 days later at the church service, in the midst of our prayers and worship one of the children also prayed for her to walk into church the following Sunday. Impossible in the natural. But in God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26). That was a turning point for our prayers. Later that day she responded and recognised our family.
Furthermore as prayers continued, after 5 days in the morning she was able to get out of bed. That afternoon, she was taken for her first physiotherapy - walking extremely slowly with a frame, one step at a time with the physiotherapist guiding her - taking 2 minutes to cover 10 yards. We continued to thank God and pray. My wife came back 20 minutes later without a frame and walking without even sticks, and covered the 10 yards in about 20 seconds! Prayers continued.

She was discharged 2 days later and walked (slowly) alongside me into church the following Sunday - as decreed by the young child the week before. We were so thankful to God for that miracle for answered prayer and her health continued to improve - within 1 month she was even better than she had been in November 2019 and we thought restored totally. However God always has plans and purposes...

During her sudden and totally unexpected hospitalisation, an unrelated minor brain aneurysm had been discovered. Prayers continued.

Three months later more tests revealed that an urgent operation was needed as a complication had been determined. Prayers continued.

In March 2020, her urgent operation was cancelled 20 minutes before theatre due to Covid in the ICU (the week before the first lockdown). Prayers continued. In July 2020 the neurosurgeon thought the operation would not happen until February 2021 at the earliest. Prayers continued.

2 weeks later we suddenly received notice that the operation was scheduled in 12 days time. Praise God! Prayers continued.

The operation was over 7 hours instead of a planned 4 - as during the operation (craniotomy), an additional complication was discovered that was not seen even in tests 12 hours before. The neurosurgeon said that she would have died within 2 months without the operation. My wife is healthy and restored. In all the shock of November 2019, God turned it all into good - he knows what is best and turns grief into dancing. Psalm 30:11 Praise God!

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