"It was highly unlikely that I would ever have children of my own..."

3rd Dec 2021

Answered Prayer #16309

After marrying and settling into a house of our own, the time came to start a family. After a few months it became necessary for me to go and see a doctor as things didn't seem quite right. After some tests it became clear that I had PCOS and after speaking with doctors and specialists in this area I was told that it was highly unlikely that I would ever have children of my own without some help and intervention. We decided not to go down this path and began the process of grieving the loss of a future with our own kids. Our family and church began to pray over us and for God to move in the situation. I decided to trust that if I was meant to be a mother it would happen, the bible has many an example of the provision of children to barren women, and if not then that was just how it was supposed to be. 6 years later I was forced to stop taking the pill for the sake of my health and during this time had to see various doctors and specialists again who told me that I should be aware there was a small chance I could become pregnant, but given everything I had been told previously and our experience, we didn't really pay much attention. 1 year later I had been feeling a bit funny for a little while and was trying to get a doctors appointment to figure out why. I took a pregnancy test just to 'rule it out' prior to seeing them and had the biggest shock of my life when it turned out to be positive! God had answered all of those persistent prayers on our behalf and given us the most incredible gift.

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