"At the 20 week scan, we got the news we’d been praying and hoping for..."

14th Dec 2021

Answered Prayer #16347

Our son was diagnosed with an Omphalocele (his internal organs were growing into his umbilical cord) whilst in utero. It’s linked with serious genetic conditions in most instances, which we were informed would likely result in him being stillborn or passing away within hours or days. We decided to proceed with the pregnancy and to pray along with our international community for him to be healed. 

As we wanted to be prepared for what was to come and to prepare our young children also, we decided to have an amniocentesis to find out if our baby had any of the linked conditions. After a few anxious weeks, he was given the all clear for any further complications, which increased his chances of surviving. However, stillbirth remained a possibility and if he did survive, he would require surgery shortly after birth. We continued to pray. Then at the 20 week scan, we got the news we’d been praying and hoping for, his organs had all gone back inside! This is extremely rare and the Drs declared him our miracle baby! He’s now a thriving toddler.

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