"All through this time we felt that we must not give up..."

22nd Dec 2021

Answered Prayer #16342

We were told by our bank that they would give us a mortgage for a certain sum and we had this in writing. But,  when we sat down to fill in the paperwork, the bank said they would never be able to offer us a mortgage for that amount.
We started to pray because we had made an offer to buy a house and it had been accepted. We appealed against this decision and the bank agreed to review it. In the meantime we approached other banks and mortgage providers. For a period of 6 weeks everyone said "No" to us (despite having a 30% deposit). We kept praying and all through this time we felt that we must not give up. The first bank we approached kept telling us that the review was not looking hopeful but that they had not made a final decision yet. They kept asking for more documents. During these 6 weeks there were times we felt like giving up, but each time that happened one of the financial organisations we were dealing with would offer us some hope. And each time, that hope came to nothing. We felt we needed to step out in faith and so we went ahead and paid for all the searches to be done and for solicitors to act on our behalf. We also took our kids to see the house we were trying to buy...and they started praying with us too. Then on a Friday afternoon we got a call from the top underwriter at our bank to say that he had reviewed our case and that he could not understand why it had not been instantly approved. He apologised for the way the bank had treated us and our prayer was answered. We now live in that miracle and still to this day find ourselves thanking God for His blessing!

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