"But God didn't bring him home..."

5th Jan 2022

Answered Prayer #350306

Your prayers don't always get answered the way you want because God knows what's best for us, no matter how painful it can be at first. In May 2019 my husband left, he had been my entire world since I was 16 and I became a single mum overnight to my daughters who were 5 and 2 at the time. I broke. Hard. I spent months of sleepless nights praying and lamenting - begging and bargaining with God for him to come home. It's all I wanted. But God didn't bring him home, and he didn't pull me out of it or fix it right away. Instead, he sat with me in it and answered my other prayers along the way. He kept me afloat financially.  He answered my prayers for my children to be happy and okay and to know Him. He spent time building and strengthening my faith. I lost everything to realise I had all I needed. It's been a long, difficult road and I am irreversibly changed by all I've been through for good and for bad. But without this, I wouldn't have anything I have now. This includes a wonderful Christian man to build my future with. He is more than we ever had before and more than I could have ever dreamed of for my family. But God knew and he answered my prayer.

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