"The value and individuality of gifts could not be easily replicated..."

14th Jan 2022

Answered Prayer #16402

On 21 November 2021 two parcels, Christmas gifts for family members and children living in Kuwait, were posted to shipping Agents near London Airport, 200 miles from my home. Some of the contents were of special spiritual nature.

Usually trustworthy Parcelforce were asked to deliver, later investigation showed paperwork had an error, although parcels were clearly, correctly addressed. The smaller one, delivered to the Agent, received in 6 days.

The larger package was delivered wrongly. No one had a record of its whereabouts. My son in law and me began to check the systems. In answer to my anxious prayer, Scripture of morning reading included: "Heb.4 v 13. Nothing in all creation is hidden from GOD's sight, everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of the LORD..." GOD knew where it was. Several telephone calls and E.mails were sent to the Agent and their neighbours who shared the same post code. We found the parcel in the Managing Director's office of a Company nearby. He too had experience of parcels going astray, and told me he empathised with my anxiety.

He said it would not be released without proper paperwork and collection by a courier to ensure safe delivery to Agent. Being a woman of prayer, the help of friends was asked for and we prayed Father would show how to get the parcel on its way, as each other avenue was blocked. It was a testing time, the value and individuality of gifts could not be easily replicated. Time was also passing quickly. Doubts and despair led to a fast and declaration of the Word of God... in that time the precious Word of Jesus came... "If you believe and ask anything in My name, I will do it." A Weapon used each time doubt or anxiety arose. In evening prayer time, the LORD said try to speak to the Parcel delivery admin. They couldn't co-operate as according to their (incorrect) record it was delivered and signed for. With this in mind, an appeal was made to another employee at the firm holding the parcel. When asked if someone could personally take the parcel, 100 metres, to the Agents, he answered: "We can do that" ...wonderful words!!

He suggested a detailed E.mail message be sent to him personally. In a confirmatory 'phone call, his colleague said he was smiling as he read it. Soon after, he sent me a text message, saying he had delivered to the Agent, correct signatures received. In two hours, my son in law got a mail to say the parcel was now registered so he could track it. We continued to pray, and the parcel, passed through Air freight, international Customs and was delivered to the family home in the Middle East 6 days after, just before Christmas. Several loud Hallelujahs were raised from the granny group who prayed for a parcel. We praise GOD who knows all things, and from whose sight nothing is hidden.

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