"He began to regain some movement..."

18th Feb 2022

Answered Prayer #16485

My brother had 4 strokes in the central part of his brain (the worst part to have a stroke) and became "locked in". The doctor said he had only a 20% chance of survival and would very likely end up in an institution for the rest of his life if he did survive. All he could do at that point was blink. When the doctor gave the diagnosis, several of us family members saw a rainbow outside the window, which gave us some hope. After a lot of prayer from many people and about 6 weeks in hospital, he began to regain some movement. He was transferred to a rehab hospital and after a few months he had regained a lot of movement and the ability to speak. He then learned how to walk again and did a 100m charity walk in hospital before finally being released about 6 months after the strokes. 2 years later he is now about 70% healed. He can walk pretty well, his speech has mostly recovered and he can do almost everything for himself now. Praise God!

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