"We have a wonderful relationship now and I thank God for answered prayer."

13th Apr 2022

Answered Prayer #16662

The relationship between my daughter and I had been fractured since 2009 when my marriage broke down and my former husband and I separated. For no reason at all my daughter didn't want anything to do with me. Over the years I prayed that God would reconcile our relationship but my daughter wanted no contact with me. I tried over years through writing and sending messages but I was asked to leave her alone. All I could do then was pray. My prayers were answered 10 years later in 2019 when the day before her birthday I took a card round which I'd made. I'd not sent her a card for a few years but I felt God telling me to make her a card. To my surprise she invited me in for a coffee. We chatted and ended up going out for coffee and cake. Since then our relationship has blossomed. We have a wonderful relationship now and I thank God for answered prayer. It says in the bible to be consistent in our prayers, I was consistent for 10 years. Thank you God.

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