"This is all SO amazing. I NEVER expected such a healing and such glory to God"

29th Apr 2022

Answered Prayer #16694

I was at my tennis club about two months ago and this guy Truman called me over as he hadn't seen me for three years.  He asked how I was, and I reciprocated.  He replied that he could hardly move, had been in severe back pain since the beginning of Covid and had the prognosis that there was nothing that could be done now except to operate on his spine, slipped disc and trapped nerve.   I asked if I could pray.  He said he didn't believe.  I was relentless.  He shut his eyes as I laid my hand on his arm.  The heat was intense and felt by both of us.  He thanked me and said he had never met anyone like me and he didn't know what had happened.  I pointed him to the Lord.

Today I met him again. He told me that he had been miraculously healed and that he's had no further treatment, no operation is on the horizon and he is not even taking painkillers. Head Coach Elis called him over a few weeks ago to mention that he had noticed Truman had been in severe disability and now wasn't - and Truman told the story to the amazement of Elis, who asked who had prayed. Truman said he didn't know my name - when another player heard and said it had to be Eloise.  

Today Truman has now related the testimony to me in hearing of my two unbelieving grandsons, and my coach, Behzad (who is definitely on the Lord's hit list and he and now his wife and I are growing in an anointed friendship, which will be the most beautiful unique testimony itself when God brings it to the next stage and thereafter as I believe He has indicated to me prophetically).  

This is all SO amazing.  I NEVER expected such a healing and such glory to God.  We are moving into definitive times.  Praise the Lord.  It needs to happen!

*Names changed for anonymity

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