"Our little son was born 8 months later..."

4th May 2022

Answered Prayer #16749

God saved our baby boy in the womb. 

I was 6 weeks pregnant and had sudden onset right upper abdominal pain. I’m a medic so I knew this was one of two things; neither of which a baby could survive. I took myself straight to A&E in Bath and a scan revealed I had a stone stuck in the tube between the liver and the bowel and it had caused the bile in my gallbladder to back up and was going to cause me to become very unwell in the next few hours. 

The procedure, to remove this stone would mean, as suspected, my baby wouldn’t survive. I asked for a scan of my baby as 6 weeks is so early and the pregnancy may not have taken / could have miscarried and I wouldn’t be aware. The baby’s heart beat starts around 7 weeks but there he was 6 weeks and 1 day with a resounding heart beat, looking like a little bean; my beautiful baby boy. 

I asked for alternatives to the surgery and the Drs thought they may be able to try a tube down my throat whilst conscious to fish out the stone. The drugs to sedate me to do this would have made my baby unwell so I spent the night praying, for God to give me the strength to take these tubes without any sickness or gagging so my baby would be safe; given I could barely swallow a tic tac without gagging. 

The next morning, the porter came to take me down for the scan so they could measure up for the procedure. As I left in the chair with my husband beside me I saw fire all around me and a pillar of cloud ahead of it, nothing could step inside the cloud and in it, I knew, we were safe and loved. I asked Jesus to protect us from the radiation in the X-ray room and heard ‘you are well, I AM is here.’ 

Down in scanning the radiographer put the probe on my tummy and not only could she not find the stone but the liver was much less inflamed; the tube had already started to shrink back. I sobbed and sobbed and asked my medic friends to take my bloods as ‘all would be well now.’ The bloods were nearly back to normal and I left for home the next day fit and well. 

Our little son was born 8 months later and is now a 6 year old gorgeous boy of truly scrumptious humour. We praise our King for him daily and I often reflect; I asked for something that seemed so much at the time and Yahweh not only heard it, he chose to bestow a blessing more than I could ever imagine or deserve. My miracle baby we consecrate back to God as Hannah once did for Samuel and we pray his blessing of life would bring life and peace to others through our Lord.

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