"Clearly when the LORD places something on our hearts, HE also provides the means to do it."

22nd Jun 2022

Answered Prayer #17530

Living and working at an orphanage in Mozambique some years ago, this was my prayer:

"Lord, please help me to find one thousand hats."

I had heard of a prison in a neighbouring area, where a thousand men were kept. The prison had no roof, just high walls. It was very hot, 40 degrees sometimes, and near to freezing in June and July. The men needed hats. In my mind's eye was a picture of a hat, like that of Lawrence of Arabia, but made of brown polyester with a veil at the back, and a brim to the front.

Looking in the nearest city, I could not find one thousand of any kind of hat. Then a pastor came to the mission asking for work as a tailor. There was none, but there were some sewing machines sent out as aid during the war. He agreed to teach the local people to use them as that could provide a livelihood. One day, I went into the sewing room with some mending for the children at the Orphanage, and there on the window sill was a chrome hat stand, on it was a hat identical to the one I had envisioned (although I had not told anyone of my thoughts).

"Did you make that hat?" I asked the tailor. He answered "Yes!" "Could you make some more for me, please?" ... "How many do you want?" I swallowed hard... "One thousand!" ...He agreed!

The week before Christmas, the hats were all ready. Now, how to get them to the prison, thirteen hours north of where we were. He told me not to worry about that, as he had family there and would be spending Christmas with them, he could take the hats. As he went, I was thinking, and the LORD listening, "If only I had money enough to send a thousand shirts and thousand pairs of trousers too." When the tailor arrived at the prison, another gift from a humanitarian aid society had also arrived.

It contained one thousand shirts and one thousand pairs of trousers.

Clearly when the LORD places something on our hearts, HE also provides the means to do it.

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