"I had no need or desire for drugs from that day on."

20th Jul 2022

Answered Prayer #17620

Before I found Jesus my life was such a mess, I was married with 2 children, I was depressed and addicted to drugs, as was my husband. It started when we got into the 80’s Rave scene, we would drop the children off at my parents' house at the weekend and go out literally all night 8 hours dancing, and we would use Ecstasy ‘E’s’. It got so bad that during the week I barely had the energy to look after my children, I would use speed and cocaine just to give me the energy to get through the week, and my life quickly became a downhill spiral. 

I began going to a Parent & Toddler group at a local Church where I heard songs & stories about Jesus.  Every week I would come home and the songs and stories stayed with me.  I knew I desperately needed help as I had no control, and I was desperate to be a better mum to my children.  I cried out to God over and over again asking Him if He was there to show me, and pleaded for Him to help me.  

Then one particular night as I was asking God if He was really there to help me, it seemed like the whole room filled with light and I felt completely wrapped in God’s unconditional love, it was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  The very next day I felt completely changed, I was so full of joy, knowing that God was real, and knowing that God loved me changed everything. I felt like my world had gone from black & white to colour, I was full of energy, and I had no need or desire for drugs from that day on.  I was literally transformed overnight!  It was a complete turning point and the beginning of my healing journey. Jesus has healed me emotionally and physically, He has taught me how to love myself and I can now love others and be the best version of me I can be, and there are also so many more answered prayers in my life. God is so good!

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